The Muenster Project Meetings


4th Project Meeting in Muenster

April 29th - May 5th, 2012



Sunday, April 29th, 2012:

  • Arrival of the partners, dinner/social evening in the City of Muenster (Besitos)


Monday, April 30th:

10:00 h:

  • Opening by the director of the Abendgymnasium, Herr Börgmann, greeting of the partners
  • Greeting of the partners and evaluation of the project so far, by Henk Rijkeboor, Coordinator


  • Lunch at the canteen of the Bezirksregierung Muenster


  • Visiting of the City Harbour of Muenster as being part of the German project,
  • Tour of the old City of Muenster,
  • Visiting Frauenstr. 24 as a local example of the Muenster heritage


Tuesday, May 1st, bank holiday:

  • Visiting the battlefield of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (another part of the German project),
  • visiting the City of Osnabrueck, the partner city of Muenster, concerning the Peace of Westphalia (German project),
  • then guided tour of the town hall,
  • dinner in Osnabrueck


Wednesday,  May 2nd,

9:00 h:

  • Meeting at school,
  • walking to the town hall, tour of the hall (Friedenssaal),
  • greeting by the deputy mayor of the City of Muenster

10:00 h: 

  • Guided tour of the old part of the city,
    • cathedral,
    • the Bishop's garden,
    • the Chateau of Muenster and its botanic garden

15:00 h:

  • Lunch at the Marktcafé
  • Afternoon off for social activities in the city

20:00 h:

  • Dinner at a local restaurant: Altes Gasthaus Lewe, Alter Steinweg 37, +49 251/45595 


Thursday May, 3rd:

9:30 h:

  • Meeting at school:
  • Perspective and forecast, follow-up meetings by L. Schmidt
  • and evaluation of the project by its members
  • Lunch at the canteen

15:00 h:

  • Social and sporting activities near the Werse River (Muenster),
  • Pleistermühle (old water mill)
  • (Alternatively if it is raining: Muenster City Museum)

18:00 h:

  • Visiting lessons at school,
    • talking to Muenster students,
    • giving and getting an impression of adult education in Germany
  • Dinner at the Kristall next to the school


Friday, May 4th:

9:30 h:

  • Meeting at school: Excursion to the castles and palaces of the Muensterland as part of the German project (Rüschhaus, Huelshoff Castle, Vischering Castle, the Chateau of Nordkirchen)

20:00 h:

  • Farewell dinner and social evening in La Provincia next to the school


Saturday, May 5th:

  • Departure

(This programme might be due to changes.)
The Muenster Team of the European Heritage Project


The First Muenster Meeting

November 11th - November 21st, 2009

Video made by Louis Schmidt of the Muenster prep visit in 2009 |



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