The Alkmaar Project Meeting (2010)

The Alkmaar Project Meeting 2010



Sunday, October, 31st 2010

17:30 Dinner at Alkmaar

Monday, November, 1st 2010

09:00 A guided tour of Alkmaar College
09:30 Opening meeting with the director of the department of economics, mr. Kees Sietsma and the Team manager adult education, mrs. Bea den Bakker
10:15 Meeting about aspects of our project; how did the project started at our school etc.
11:45 Lunch at Horizon College
12:15 A guided tour of Alkmaar
17:30 Dinner

Tuesday, November, 2nd 2010

09:00 Meeting: collegues of the partner schools can talk with Dutch teachers about the Dutch school system and the methodology of their profession
11:45 Lunch at school
12:15 Showing aspects by visiting Hoorn
17:30 Dinner

Wednesday, November, 3rd 2010

09:00 Showing aspects of the Dutch topics by visiting Amsterdam
17:30 Dinner at Amsterdam

Thursday, November, 4th 2010

09:00 Second Work meeting
11:45 Lunch at school
12:15 Showing some aspects of the Dutch topics by visiting mills in Schermerhorn
17:30 Farewell Dinner
Friday, November, 5th 2010


In the Media

Translation of the article “VAVO gaat internationaal”, Horizon Berichten, week 45, 2010.

VAVO goes international

Last week delegations schools for adult education in Germany (Münster), Spain (Lugo) and Greece (Lesvos) visited the Horizon College. The visit was part of a Grundtvig project. Grundtvig is a European platform for adult education. Grundtvig is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) that focuses on all organizations, institutions and associations providing general education to adults, whether they belong to the formal, non-formal or informal sector. Participants can be of ROCs (Dutch regional training centre), adult education centre, museums, libraries, prisons and welfare organisations.

European History Project

In this case it is a (European) history project. Each school presents a number of examples of historic contributions to the European culture. The VAVO department will highlight a number of topics from the 17th century. Purpose of the visit was therefore not only to learn about our school, but also to have an introduction of the culture of our Golden Age. The students of the schools involved in the project write texts on their subjects and take pictures of monuments, paintings and other remnants of this. This will be published in a special virtual book on the Internet. This is our contribution to history from a European perspective.


The first results can be seen from June 1, 2011 on a website, which the German partner school will build. International coordination of the project is in hands of Henk Rijkeboer, a history teacher of the VAVO.

Open people

During the visit to our school delegations were deeply impressed by the central street through the building of the Kruseman Eltenweg. Also the extent of the Open Learning Center impressed.
However they were wondering whether the teachers, who were giving lessons in classrooms with windows at the inside, liked that. However, later they noted that in the Netherlands it is easy to look in many living rooms. So they came to the conclusion that we are an “open people”.

Guided tours

The program was organized in detail. Besides technical details of the project that were discussed, there were tours in Alkmaar, Hoorn and Amsterdam. Museums were also visited. The beauty of the many relics that they saw made also a deep impression. They were also pleased that, exceptionally, a tour was admitted in the old town hall of Alkmaar.


One of the highlights was the visit the “Ambachtsmolen” in Oudorp. Not only could they see from nearby an old mill in action, by eating traditional Dutch sweets and drinking coffee with the miller in his living room they experienced what for centuries the Dutch call ‘knus” (cozy).
To finish with the conclusion of the Spanish delegation: "The meeting was very positive from different points of view".

Henk Rijkeboer

The article published on the website of our dutch partner school - The Horizon College - Horizon Berichten, week 45, 2010. |


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